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hot air balloonsNew Mexico has launched a fun marketing campaign to attract different segments of traveler to visit the Land of Enchantment.

This promotion appeals to you fans of the old west in general and Billy the Kid specifically. The scavenger hunt promotion will reward one “posse” for bringing in an arrest warrant on The Kid.

The gun slinger / cattle rustler / murderer was hung in a jail in New Mexico about 130 years ago so naturally that location is on the trail. Since the jail is reported to be haunted, that should help attract at least some of you ghost hunters even if you’re not interested in competing in the scavenger hunt (did I mention the $10,000 prize?).

Those of you who just enjoy the fun of a scavenger hunt may want to jump on this too — especially if you’ve never been to beautiful New Mexico. And $10,000 is a nice incentive too.

Give us a call at 1-800-8401 or drop us a line at info at preferredtravel dot com (write that like a normal email address) and we’ll get back to you the next business day to help you plan your western adventure..

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