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satellite view of a hurricaneHurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th. While you can’t just not plan to travel during that time period but there are some precautions and things to keep in mind during this time of year.

Here’s a nice article from USA Today that shares good tips for surviving travel during hurricane season.

You certainly hope you never have to deal with one but this type of situation is an example of why it’s so much better to use a travel agent — a live human — when you travel.

One call to your travel agent and they will / we’ll do everything we can to help you if you get stuck.

Naturally we certainly hope you never do…but it’s nice to know there’s someone out there who can help you “weather the storm”. Sorry but I couldn’t resist that pun!.

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for rent signSomething you may not have considered when planning your trip is the possibility of staying in a house or condo rather than a hotel. Yes, there are websites that let you book directly with the owner; but, before you make that decision, let us explain the benefits of booking through a travel agent and a reputable management company, like Outrigger Hospitality. Here are three great reasons to book with a travel agent.

  1. You will be able to check-in and check-out at the front desk of the property vs. having to go to another off-property location, like a realty office, to pick up the key. That’s much more convenient. Imagine getting to the realty office and the realtor is out and no one can find the key.
  2. You will enjoy regularly scheduled housekeeping services.
    • With owner-direct bookings, the unit may only be cleaned only after the guest leaves.
    • If you need or want certain types of housekeeping or maintenance services during your stay, and if you booked direct with the owner, you may have to arrange for these services yourself via the owner or the owner’s representative. If you book through the agent, we’ll take care of this for you.
  3. You will have overall peace of mind knowing that you have an experienced travel agent behind you if you need assistance to make your vacation experience match your expectations.

It’s your vacation and your time to relax. Let us book your condo for you. Give Preferred Travel a call to book your next getaway..

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Why Use a Travel Agent

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mount rushmore monumentThe four presidential faces, carved 60-feet high in the granite of Mount Rushmore, comprise one of America’s most revered images. But many visitors cannot help thinking of Cary Grant in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 thriller North by Northwest, where he and Eva Marie Saint clamber across the monolith pursued by Communist spies. The shot was actually filmed in a Hollywood studio, but it convinced millions of people that they too could climb the patriotic monument.

This is not the case: Access to Mount Rushmore has been blocked by a high-security fence ever since the artist Gutzon Borglum died in 1941 and work on the giant sculpture ceased. But according to his original plan, Borglum had intended that the public be able to reach his giant faces via a splendid stone staircase. In the late 1930s, he even began work on a splendid vault buried within the rock for tourists to visit – called the Hall of Records, it was planned as a repository for the original Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Worried that future generations might find Mount Rushmore as enigmatic, Borglum also wanted a museum to store information on the four presidents – Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt – and an explanation of “how the memorial was built and frankly, why.”

The vault was never finished. Today, it’s simply an ever-narrowing passage that stretches about 80 feet into the rock, and one can run one’s fingers over granite walls still honeycombed with drill marks. Still, Borglum’s wish would be partly fulfilled. In 1998, the Park Service inscribed 16 porcelain panels with historical data about Mount Rushmore, secured them in a titanium-lined casket, then buried them in the incomplete Hall of Records – the last work ever expected to be done on the site.

Destinations aren’t just places on a map. They’re the backdrop for some of the most fascinating stories in history. Bring these stories to life with Preferred Travel NJ and Globus..

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guy taking pictures with nice cameraHow many of us plan our dream vacation around the stunning vistas we have always wanted to see? Whether it’s a beach vacation in Kauai, Mount Kilimanjaro as the backdrop to an African safari, or the lush rain forests of Costa Rica, we all want to capture the beauty of these natural wonders with our camera.

Where ever your go, here are a few simple tips to consider when vying for that perfect photo.

Think of yourself as an artist painting a painting a landscape. Scout your location in advance, thinking about composition and lighting, especially if you are going to be staying in the same area for a few days.

  • Lighting: Consider the time of day, and the weather. I always enjoy taking photos on the beach at sunrise. On a calm day, just as the sun peaks over the horizon, your photos can portray the serenity of the waves lapping the beach and seagulls having their breakfast, before beach chairs and umbrellas overtake them.Whether your backdrop is the ocean or a mountain peak, arrive before sunrise or at least an hour before sunset, and plan to stay a while. Then you can use what photographers call the “Golden Hour of Light.” During these hours the sun sits closer to the horizon and is less intense, creating softer and warmer hues with longer shadows. Learn how the light affects the look and feel of an image; move around a bit and take LOTS of shots.
  • Composition: Take photos from a variety of angles. Think about the foreground AND the background. Using a naturally occurring small object in the foreground, like a flower, a tree, or even a rock, can illustrate the beauty of the landscape behind it, and make your photo unique.
  • Make the most of your Camera: Try using different shutter speeds to play with the lighting and depth of field. This can result in a wide variety of perspectives of the same image. Try using different lenses, which will often give you a wider field of view, and a broader shot of your subject.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Maybe you will find the perfect shot from climbing that tree, or from lying in the sand.
  • Most of all HAVE FUN!


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