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Best Ski Hotels in the World

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Tis the season to get your skis out – this is an interesting article – how about letting me know your favorites!!.


The Real Deadwood

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By: Globus

Thanks to HBO, no Western town is as well-known today as Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The series has brought a flood of history-lovers to the real town of Deadwood – an outpost that still has a wild edge, since every saloon and bar has been turned into a lively casino.  In the summer, motorbike enthusiasts cruise the streets like modern-day cowboys.  But was the original Deadwood quite as raunchy and violent at the show depicts?  As with so many dramatic recreations of the Old West, the answer is yes and no.

The basis of the series is absolutely true: In 1874, gold was discovered in the Lakota Indian Reserve, supposedly off-limits by treaty with the United States Congress, and white miners immediately made their way illegally into the area to found the rough-hewn town of Deadwood in its heart.  The first sheriff of Deadwood was indeed named Seth Bullock, as in the series, and there was a Gem Saloon run by a certain Al Swearingen, of whom little is known.

But perhaps the most famous real-life character was the gunslinger Wild Bill Hickock, who arrived in 1876 to try his luck in Deadwood with the notorious Calamity Jane; not long afterwards, a cowardly poker player named Jack McCall walked up behind him in the so-called Number Ten Saloon and shot him in the head.  Hickock usually sat with his back to the wall, but for reasons unknown changed his practice that day; his poker hand of aces and eights is still known as “the dead man’s hand.”  Today, the event is recreated throughout the summer in Deadwood for enthusiastic tourists inside a saloon that has been rebuilt on the site; the original burned down.

While most other plot lines of the HBO series are fictional, the writer David Milch was trying to depict a broader historical truth about the Old West, where civilization was born from chaos. Now you can relive the historic


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Red Mountain Spa Adventure

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View from Red Mt Resort

We just had another wonderful experience with our group to St George Utah to the glorious outdoors and Red Rock country – this is our 8th visit to the Red Mountain Spa and we plan to do again next year – why don’t you join us.  From pampering at the Sagestone Spa to Rock climbing , hiking, lectures and cooking classes – there is something for everyone..

are meant to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.  Since the 1800’s people have traveled around the world to take in the healing properties of hot springs, mineral baths and other restorative sites.  Today’s traveler has a wide range of ‘healthy’ destinations to choose from.  If you are looking for restful spa waters or a challenging fitness regimen,   

One of my favorite places to visit is Red Mountain Spa Resort1.  Red Mountain is one of the premier resort spas that offer adventure, fitness and luxurious spa services.  Wake up each morning to unspoiled vistas of red sandstone cliffs.  Hike through nearby Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. Challenge yourself with guided hiking and biking, or go rock climbing.  Star-gaze by night and take a geology walk during the day for a more leisurely outdoor experience.

 If pampering is more what you have in mind, you can get a signature spa treatment at Sagestone Spa & Salon at Red Mountain.  Experience an Adobe Lavender Hydrating Cocoon or Desert Pearl Facial. 

 A Red Mountain Spa vacation offers unlimited fitness classes, health and fitness assessments, cooking demonstrations and personal coaching sessions.  It’s the perfect vacation destination to restore, relax and rejuvenate you.

As I write this, Preferred Travel is planning our annual Spa Vacation.  (I told you that Red Mountain is one of my favorite vacation spots!). Take your healthy lifestyle to a new level by joining us on this annual adventure.  Relax, challenge and renew yourself.   Click here to book your Red Mountain adventure!.

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Great Places to Hike

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Here’s a wonderful article from USA Today with beautiful pictures. It talks about 51 great places to hike here in the United States.

Hiking is a wonderful way to see beautiful sights while exercising and getting in touch with nature. Be sure to carry water, first aid supplies, and cell phone. But don’t trust that phone. Be sure to give your itinerary to friends and family.

Arrange to call them when you get back to your car, camp, or home. Discuss with them a reasonable time for them to wait before trying to reach you and / or before calling for help.

Here are some additional hiking safety tips and here are some tips for hiking safely with your dog..

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